Dr Aditi Agarwal

Consultant - Fetal Medicine

Dr. Aditi Agarwal is a fetal medicine consultant in Lucknow working at Shanya scans and Theranostics.

She has previously worked as Consultant Fetal Medicine at Apollo medics Hospital, Lucknow & Medanta Hospital Lucknow.

After obtaining MD and DNB in obstetrics and Gynaecology, She has done her 2 years of Fellowship in Fetal Medicine from the prestigious Fetal medicine unit of India, Bangalore Fetal Medicine Centre (BFMC). She has been trained under the able guidance of Dr. Prathima Radhakrishnan, who was the first Indian to get Diploma in Fetal Medicine from the Fetal Medicine Foundation, UK.

Dr. Aditi has been trained extensively in fetal diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. She has obtained her certificates of competence in various aspects of fetal scanning and in utero invasive
procedures, both diagnostic and therapeutic.

She is FMF (Fetal Medicine Foundation, UK) certified for first trimester screening for chromosomal abnormalities/ NT/ NB scans, screening for preeclampsia, anomaly scan/ level II scan/ TIFFA, fetal echocardiography, fetal growth scans and cervical scans.

She is very passionate about fetal medicine and totally dedicated to the cause of the unborn. Her special interest is in Early diagnosis of fetal abnormalities and fetal therapy.

We are a tertiary level, referral Fetal Medicine Centre that provides highly specialised diagnostic and therapeutic services. Dr. Aditi Agarwal is currently doing revolutionary work in this niche area. She is determined to develop this unique specialty to new heights so it may touch the lives of millions of pregnant women and their unborn babies.

Few of the services she provides in this area are prenatal diagnostic options including first trimester screening, comprehensive and targeted anomaly scans and intrauterine procedures. She also provides life saving prenatal treatment for fetal diseases and conditions. She performs highly advanced in-utero procedures for fetal diagnosis and therapy.


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